Grade 5


One in Christ is the name of the new materials we just purchased from Concordia Publishing House.  We also memorize the books of the bible, the ten commandments, the Lord’s prayer, Creeds, Baptism, and many songs and bible verses throughout the year.

Chapel is held weekly on Wednesday mornings and is led by various leaders including the pastors, the principal, and the teachers of St. John.  Classes from grades 2-8 lead a service each year, and professors from Concordia University and missionaries from the field also provide chapel messages.  Chapel buddies from grades 6-8 accompany K-2 students to assist them in worship activities.  Offerings are collected to benefit specified ministries with an emphasis on missions.


Literacy/Language Arts

Our textbook has stories that utilize vocabulary, spelling, and grammar lessons.  We also have reading workshop where the students choose books to read, engage in dialog with instructor, and write book summaries.  Once per quarter, we do book club groups, and I read aloud to the class from various books and novels.  In writing workshop, we try many different genres of writing and journaling.  We choose two pieces per quarter to proofread, conference with a partner and the teacher, and type the final copy into a word processing document to be printed.  We also enter various poetry and writing contests.



Math in Focus: The Singapore Approach is our math series.  We cover place value and naming numbers, work with whole numbers and decimals, add-subtract-multiply-divide fractions and mixed numbers, draw models to solve many real world problems, work with variables and solve equations, work with ratios, and the area of triangles.


Social Studies

We use a text by Scott Foresman entitled United States.  We look at the different regions of the United States and the diversity of the people therein.  Then, we begin with the first Natives living here and study the U.S. and their development through the American Revolution.  We use simulations, research, and other projects to add to our studies.



We have been using the Foss materials from Delta.  In 5th grade we study branches of a main theme.  In the Environments unit we study terrestrial and aquatic environments.  We grow vegetables in terrariums.  We grow vegetables in different containers to test water tolerance of plants and, then, do it again to test salt tolerance.  We also keep goldfish and hatch brine shrimp to test salt tolerance.  In the Landforms unit we study erosion and deposition with canyons and valleys.  We also study mountains by making and reading topographic maps.  In the Variables unit we study pendulums, lifeboats, planes, and catapults.  In the Mixtures and Solutions unit, we study chemistry of putting materials together, separating them, and looking for chemical reactions.



In art, we begin with many sketching activities before moving into painting techniques and mixing paints, the study of architecture and graphic art doing various projects. Then, we finish with sculptures, modeling clay and pottery pieces, and paper mache.



We use the internet-based program Rosetta Stone to learn Spanish.  We spend thirty minutes twice a week with this program.  They have the opportunity to cover 5 levels throughout their time at St. John.  This curriculum runs from 1st through 8th grades.



We use the computer for many activities during the year:  keyboarding, word processing, Spanish, research, iMovie projects, math practice, slide shows, state and capital practice, and science and social studies interactive website learning.



We work on three parts of health:  physical, mental & emotional, and family & social) through which we have the opportunity to see how wonderfully God has made each and every one of us.  In class we learn about how we deal with situations in our lives.  We also learn about why we act, think, and feel the way we do.  Through role-play and class discussions we find out how each of us is unique and why it is important to work on all parts of our health to reach the best health we can have.


Music/Band Curriculum

Students at Saint John Lutheran School receive classroom music instruction from kindergarten through seventh grade. The curriculum follows the national standards published by the National Association for Music Education, which include creating, performing, listening to, and analyzing music. To these standards, the Saint John music curriculum adds this “Lutheran Addendum”:

  • Recognizing voices and music are gifts from God.
  • Singing from memory a varied repertoire of sacred songs.
  • Joining in congregational singing.

School Music Ensembles:

Beginning Band: St. John students may begin band instruction in 5th grade. Since this group meets outside of the school day, 6th-8th grade students wishing to start learning a band instrument can join the band program.

St. John Choristers: All 5th and 6th graders participate in this choir as part of the school music curriculum. Led by Mrs. Werner, the students learn some of the music in separate music classes and rehearse as a larger group once a week. Choristers sing in St. John worship services about once a quarter and in school concerts.


Physical Education

Our Physical Education program focuses on keeping children healthy by learning to be active in their lives. God has given us one body and it is up to us to take care of it.  The goal of the program is to help the students enjoy being physically active and understand the basics of different sports so that they may enjoy activity throughout their lives.

All classrooms 1-8 do the Presidential fitness testing every year.  Each grade also starts the class out with running laps, which are assigned according to the grade level.  We are fortunate to have physical education every day, so that we can accomplish a lot in a school year.

At this level we use less of the individual activities and work at a higher level of ability and knowledge of the different activities.  Football, hockey, and track are also introduced at this level.  A walking unit is introduced at this level to start the students thinking about some basic everyday activities that we can do to keep our bodies healthy.