Grade 4


One in Christ is a religion curriculum for children through eighth grade, from Concordia Publishing House.  Through a comprehensive Bible survey and life-application stories, One in Christ promotes Bible literacy and discipleship.  Integrated technology-based activities and application will complement printed materials, adding another dimension to the student experience.

Chapel is held weekly on Wednesday mornings and is led by various leaders including the pastors, the principal, and the teachers of St. John.  Classes from grades 2-8 lead a service each year, and professors from Concordia University and missionaries from the field also provide chapel messages.  Chapel buddies from grades 6-8 accompany K-2 students to assist them in worship activities.  Offerings are collected to benefit specified ministries with an emphasis on missions.


Literacy/Language Arts

The Language Arts curriculum is published by Houghton Mifflin.  The curriculum is designed to be used as a full-year curriculum program with instruction on developing oral language and comprehension, phonemic awareness, decoding skills (phonics, analogy, context, and word recognition), fluency, reading comprehension, writing, spelling, and grammar. Instruction is organized by a set of themes and other classroom activities to highlight the theme.



Math in Focus: The Singapore Approach offers the authentic Singapore math pedagogy with fewer topics taught in greater depth at each grade level. The program features visual representations and modeling strategies to solve complex problems; a consistent concrete-pictorial-abstract progression; and strong development of both conceptual understanding, place value, and computational fluency so students that understand the “how” as well as the “why.”


Social Studies

Students will explore regions of the United States using Scott Foresman Social Studies Regions. Fourth graders get a feel for the inner-workings of the United States and travel across the country without ever leaving the classroom.



The best way for students to appreciate the scientific enterprise, learn important scientific concepts, and develop the ability to think critically is to actively construct ideas through their own inquiries, investigations, and analyses. The FOSS program was created to engage students in these processes as they explore the natural world.  The fourth grade students at St. John study Magnetism and Electricity, Ideas and Inventions, Earth Materials, and Water throughout the course of the year.




Technology/Computer Use

Students develop keyboarding skills through using They also experience aspects of research and coding.



Health and Wellness published by Macmillan/McGraw-Hill give students a glimpse into mental, emotional, family, and social health. Various lessons throughout the year are intended to get students to become aware of their own health behaviors.



Students at Saint John Lutheran School receive classroom music instruction from kindergarten through seventh grade. The curriculum follows the national standards published by the National Association for Music Education, which include creating, performing, listening to, and analyzing music. To these standards, the Saint John music curriculum adds this “Lutheran Addendum”:

  • Recognizing voices and music are gifts from God.
  • Singing from memory a varied repertoire of sacred songs.
  • Joining in congregational singing.


Physical Education

Our Physical Education program focuses on keeping children healthy by learning to be active in their lives. God has given us one body and it is up to us to take care of it.  The goal of the program is to help the students enjoy being physically active and understand the basics of different sports so that they may enjoy activity throughout their lives.  Each grade also starts the class out with running laps, which are assigned according to the grade level.  We are fortunate to have physical education every day, so that we can accomplish a lot in a school year.

At this level, we use less of the individual activities and work at a higher level of ability and knowledge of the different activities.  Football, hockey, and track are also introduced at this level.  A walking unit is introduced at this level to start the students thinking about some basic everyday activities that we can do to keep our bodies healthy.

On Fridays, the students in grades K-6 get to choose a game to play.  This is known as our “Free Choice Friday”, which is a great day to be very active and work on our cardio for the week.  What better way to take care of our bodies than to have fun with friends?