Grade 3


Grade 3 teaches Bible stories correlated with the Six Chief Parts of Luther’s Small Catechism–the Ten Commandments, Apostles’ Creed, Lord’s Prayer, Baptism, Confession, and Holy Communion. The goal is to help students grow in discipleship as they explore key doctrinal themes and apply them to their lives. Activities include studies of God’s Word, life-related activities and memory verses to help students learn more about God’s love for them in Jesus Christ.

Chapel is held weekly on Wednesday mornings and is led by various leaders including the pastors, the principal, and the teachers of St. John.  Classes from grades 1-8 lead a service each year, and professors from Concordia University and missionaries from the field also provide chapel messages.  Chapel buddies from grades 6-8 accompany K-2 students to assist them in worship activities. Offerings are collected to benefit specified ministries with an emphasis on missions.


Literacy/Language Arts

Using literature by respected authors, both fiction and nonfiction, the students are instructed in comprehension skills and reading strategies.  Each lesson also includes writing, phonics, spelling, and vocabulary activities. Writing focuses on many different genres, including research, and encourages correct grammar, usage, and mechanics. They then use these techniques when writing research papers, book reports and other assigned writing.

The children are also given opportunities to develop their listening and speaking skills. We use the Pearson Realize curriculum as our base, and we incorporate whole class and small group instruction. As part of our literacy time we also learn and practice Handwriting Without Tears cursive handwriting.



Math in Focus: The Singapore Approach is used in third grade. The goal is to help the students build a solid understanding through use of manipulative materials and visual models. Through practice the skills are reinforced. Children are encouraged to understand not only “the how” but also “the why” in problem solving. Topics covered include counting and place value; addition and subtraction of numbers to the ten thousands; estimation, mental math and bar model skills; multiplication and division; money, measurement, time, fractions, and geometry.


Social Studies

Third grade focus is learning about communities. The students learn that in communities basic needs are met and relationships are formed.  They also learn about different types of communities both in the United States and around the world. Different sizes of communities such as urban, suburban, and rural are explored as well as the history of various communities. Included in the curriculum are improving map and globe skills, conducting research, and exploring the lives of prominent people related to the topics. Thinking skills and reading strategies are also emphasized.



Four Delta Science topics are be explored each year. Delta Science uses the hands-on approach. The students are invited to explore their environment as they seek answers to questions such as “What will happen?”, “How and why does it happen?” and “What will happen next?” The goal is to provide students with experiences that will enable them to become scientifically literate.

  • Powders and Crystals
  • Sound
  • Solar System
  • Plant and Animal Life Cycles



Art projects are chosen to educate the children on various elements of art, to provide them with experience using a variety of mediums, and to familiarize them with great illustrators and artists from the past and the present. Beginning projects focus on line, then shape, color and texture are added as the students explore their creative sides. The goal is to have each new concept enhance their future projects so the student works with more confidence. The students are invited to enter their works in city art shows throughout the year. They are also allowed to display their art in the St. John art gallery.


Technology/Computer Use

Ipads will be used at times. Computers will be used in the classroom as needed along with a projector for specific lessons. Keyboarding instruction begins in third grade.



Third grade health begins with exploring and understanding the concepts of mental, emotional, family and social health. The students learn about effective and appropriate communication skills and how to make responsible decisions. They then move on in study of the body systems and how important good nutrition and healthful choices are in overall physical health. Good grooming and physical activity are the focus of the next unit as well as keeping oneself safe in various situations including how to respond in emergencies. Following is a study of drugs and disease prevention and finally learning about community and environmental health issues. Throughout the year life skills which are actions one can take to improve and maintain one’s health are taught.



Students at Saint John Lutheran School receive classroom music instruction from kindergarten through seventh grade. The curriculum follows the national standards published by the National Association for Music Education, which include creating, performing, listening to, and analyzing music. To these standards, the Saint John music curriculum adds this “Lutheran Addendum”:

  • Recognizing voices and music are gifts from God.
  • Singing from memory a varied repertoire of sacred songs.
  • Joining in congregational singing.


Physical Education

Our Physical Education program focuses on keeping children healthy by learning to be active in their lives. God has given us one body and it is up to us to take care of it.  The goal of the program is to help the students enjoy being physically active and understand the basics of different sports so that they may enjoy activity throughout their lives.  Each grade also starts the class out with running laps, which are assigned according to the grade level.  We are fortunate to have physical education every day, so that we can accomplish a lot in a school year.

At this level, we use less of the individual activities and work at a higher level of ability and knowledge of the different activities.  Football, hockey, and track are also introduced at this level.  A walking unit is introduced at this level to start the students thinking about some basic everyday activities that we can do to keep our bodies healthy.

On Fridays, the students in grades K-5 get to choose a game to play.  This is known as our “Free Choice Friday”, which is a great day to be very active and work on our cardio for the week.  What better way to take care of our bodies than to have fun with friends?