Grade 2

St. John 2nd grade students enjoy their increasing abilities and new responsibilities. Curriculum and instruction strive to meet the needs of the whole child: the spiritual, physical, intellectual, emotional and social needs, in an atmosphere of respect and love.  The classroom philosophy honors parents as their child’s first teacher and encourages parent involvement.



  • Use the Concordia Publishing House curriculum, One in Christ, children learn Old and New Testament Bible stories to understand God’s plan to send His son Jesus to forgive those who believe in Him.
  • Receive and use the Faith Alive Bible
  • Grow to understand Jesus as their trustworthy friend and Savior through lessons and chapel
  • Recognize God’s power at work in their life, family and the world
  • Practice their response to God’s grace through serving, giving and forgiving
  • Use drama to share the Easter stories at chapel and rest homes
  • Memorization includes selected Bible verses, the Ten Commandments, the Lord’s prayer, Luther’s Morning Prayer, and various hymns and songs
  • Chapel buddies from grades 6-8 accompany K-2 students to assist them in worship activities.  Offerings are collected to benefit specified ministries with an emphasis on missions.


Literacy/Language Arts

  • Increase the fluency, comprehension and enjoyment of literature for young readers and writers.
  • Cover reading, writing, spelling, grammar, and oral language by using the Scott Foresman Pearson Reading Street basal reading curriculum.
  • Understand that “Success leads to success,” instruction is provided in small, guided reading groups. Our Second grade goal is “to learn to read, to read to learn.”
  • Use “Daily Five” concepts to provide daily time for reading aloud and independent reading, good fit books, phonetic-word work, writing, spelling, listen to someone read, read to self to increase fluency and understanding
  • Handwriting curriculum is Handwriting Without Tears.



  • Math in Focus: The Singapore Approach curriculum
  • Topics taught in greater depth with development of understanding concepts so students understand how addition and subtraction are applied in our daily lives.
  • Understanding place values and number sense up to 1000
  • Memorize addition and subtraction facts up to 20, using a concrete-pictorial-abstract progression, using manipulatives, drawings, bar graphs and real-world problem solving. is used to increase understanding.
  • Regroup to add and subtract with three digit numbers
  • Multiply and divide with 2, 3, 4, 5, and 10
  • Functional processes of telling time, measurements, fractions and money


Social Studies

Including their community, reaching out to their state, country:

  • A broad view of their relationship to the world through field trips, personal stories and “Flat Stanley” project
  • Their place in history, using time lines, biographies and personal family trees.



  • Using the experimental and observation learning style of the hands on FOSS curriculum and equipment
  • Units include Insects, Weather, Rocks and Soil, and Force and Motion
  • Caring for our earth with recycling



  • Art lessons observe the elements of art in our environment.
  • Lessons with line, shape, color, texture and space evaluate create and evaluate work, experimenting with two and three dimensional projects, using various media, including clay.
  • Incorporated into all the subject areas.


Technology/Computer Use

  • Rosetta Stone Spanish
  • Math skills practice



  • Communicating about their feelings
  • Practicing appropriate social interactions and problem solving skills
  • Understanding the role of our brain and good posture
  • Knowing food groups, using the food pyramid to make healthy food choices, study germs and antibodies
  • Visit to the hospital


Students at Saint John Lutheran School receive classroom music instruction from kindergarten through seventh grade. The curriculum follows the national standards published by the National Association for Music Education, which include creating, performing, listening to, and analyzing music. To these standards, the Saint John music curriculum adds this “Lutheran Addendum”:

  • Recognizing voices and music are gifts from God.
  • Singing from memory a varied repertoire of sacred songs.
  • Joining in congregational singing.


Physical Education

Our Physical Education program focuses on keeping children healthy by learning to be active in their lives. God has given us one body and it is up to us to take care of it.  The goal of the program is to help the students enjoy being physically active and understand the basics of different sports so that they may enjoy activity throughout their lives.

All classrooms 1-8 do the Presidential fitness testing every year.  Each grade also starts the class out with running laps, which are assigned according to the grade level.  We are fortunate to have physical education every day, so that we can accomplish a lot in a school year.

At this age we use a lot of individual activities such as using beanbags, mats, scoops, jump ropes (long and short), hula hoops, Lummi sticks, ropes, and movement (skipping, hoping, jumping, climbing, and running properly). We also start working with teamwork with the beginning levels of games: volleyball, basketball, soccer, softball, kickball, badminton, cage ball, and parachutes.  Scooters are always a favorite.  Everyday sports are also started at this level with the basics of bowling, four square, horseshoes, beanbag toss, and others.