The overall school curriculum at St. John is guided by our belief that God gives us all
things to learn more about Him and His creation. The curriculum is annually reviewed by the school
faculty so that it remains appropriate for the students of St. John. All individual curricular areas are
reviewed in a five to seven year cycle, and include references to state and national standards,
accreditation guidelines for Lutheran schools and current research involved in the subject studied.

The curricular offerings at St. John include the following:

  • Religion – Lutheran doctrine, Bible knowledge, Memory Work
  • Mathematics – math facts, computation, problem solving
  • Social studies – geography, history, current events, government
  • Language arts – reading, writing, speaking, spelling, listening
  • Computer skills – keyboarding, word processing, spreadsheets
  • Physical education – physical health and recreation, skill development, games
  • Science – earth, physical, life
  • Health – physical, social, emotional growth and development; hygiene and safety
  • Foreign Language – Spanish; using the Rosetta Stone web-based curriculum
  • Music – listening, creativity, reading notation, theory
  • Art – appreciation, technique, media