At St. John Lutheran School, kindergarten students are encouraged to grow in their love for Jesus, friends, school, and learning.  The kindergarten program nurtures the whole child and includes whole group, small group, teacher directed and self-selected learning activities.  Play in learning and interest centers support learning as children try out their ideas and theories and make sense of the academic concepts they are learning.


The kindergarten curriculum seeks to help children know Jesus as their best friend and Savior.  This relationship with Jesus provides the foundation for developing relationships of mutual trust and respect with adults and peers.  Literacy includes a focus on language development, basic reading skills such as phonics, phonemic awareness, handwriting and communication of thoughts and ideas through writing and drawing.  Math topics include sorting, patterns, and shapes with a special emphasis on developing number sense.  Science and Social Studies themes are integrated throughout the day and help children observe, investigate, and appreciate the world around them and how it works.


The kindergarten curriculum is enhanced through experiences in music, P.E., library hour, lessons with the school counselor and weekly opportunities to gather with the St. John family for Chapel services.  Kindergarten students form special bonds with Eighth Grade Chapel Buddies as they partner both in worship and social activities throughout the year.  Kindergarten is a great time to develop a life-long love of learning and serving in a program driven by the desire to proclaim and practice the love of Christ.

1st Grade


At St. John Lutheran School, first grade students experience a Christ-like community in their classroom. Students build relationships and make “first friends”. They learn to work together in Christian love and respect. Life skills are developed as students learn responsibility with their assignments, supplies, and actions. The teacher helps the students to feel valued as a child of God and to feel capable and successful in school.


The first grade classroom is a welcoming environment where students feel safe and are ready to learn. The teacher nurtures the natural curiosity of the children by engaging them in hands-on, learning activities that promote exploration and creativity. Students are not afraid of mistakes, as they are lovingly guided by the teacher to figure out how to turn them into successes. 

At the first grade level a strong emphasis is placed on the building blocks of reading, writing, and math. Additionally, first grade students attend PE and Music daily, visit the Library once a week, and create masterpieces in Art. Students also come together with their Chapel Buddies to attend worship services to hear God’s word about salvation through Jesus Christ, our Lord. 

2nd Grade

Second grade at St. John Lutheran School is a very special time in a child’s life. Early in the year, each child receives their own Faith Alive Bible. Throughout the year they learn to search for stories and Biblical truths. Students learn in a safe environment where they feel loved, forgiven and supported.


In Literacy, every student receives small and large group instruction in comprehension, writing, and decoding skills. They learn strategies to spell and decode longer words as they prepare for more difficult texts. In Math classes, students use manipulatives to help visualize quantities to memorize addition and subtraction facts up to 20. Students learn to verbalize and explain math concepts to each other, including place value and regrouping. They learn about science and God’s creation through experiments and observations.


Second graders are blessed with daily classes in PE and music instruction. Lessons with our school counselor encourage positive self awareness and friendship skills. Most of all, students have the daily reassurance that they are SO LOVED by our Savior, Jesus.

School Counseling Program

St. John is one of very few Lutheran K-8 schools to implement a comprehensive school counseling program. The school counseling program serves all students through classroom social/emotional curriculum, small group curriculum, and individual brief/solution-focused counseling. The school counselor collaborates and consults with administration, teachers, and families to support the academic success and emotional health of the students. To learn more about Mrs. Jessica Brashear and her role, please CLICK HERE to visit her school website.