5-8 Instrumental Music

Students in grades 5-8 have the opportunity to participate in band at St. John.  Band rehearses during the school day, with students learning instrumental techniques on their individual instruments, and developing their musical independence in full group rehearsals.  Students share their work in performances at Christmas and Spring concerts, as well as various school events such as chapel and pep rallies.

K-6 General Music

The St. John school music program works to develop foundational musical skills in our students, while encouraging every student to find joy and purpose in the musical experience.  All students learn to use and develop their singing voice, while also learning a variety of instruments such as xylophones, hand chimes, recorders, and percussion instruments.  Other classroom activities include movement exploration, folk dancing, notation reading and musical composition.  The primary curriculum source is the rich hymnody of the Church, while also incorporating elements of folk music, popular songs, and music from other cultures.  St. John students participate frequently in weekend worship services, lead a school Christmas service, and perform music classroom highlights in a fall Music Revue.  

7-8 Handbells and Choral Music

Affectionately known as the Ringers and Singers, 7th and 8th grade students have the opportunity to be a member of these two music ensembles. Ringers and Singers allows students the to grow in their musical skills while offering performance opportunities in chapel, weekend worship, and community events. Singers includes training in vocal production and techniques and frequently collaborates with Concordia University music ensembles. Ringers students grow in rhythm reading and a variety of handbell techniques. Members of both ensembles are eligible to participate in the yearly Youth Music Tour.

K-5 Art

Students learn the fundamentals of art through classroom projects that connect to other curricular areas being studied.  Student's creativity is encouraged as they gain experience in paintingm drawing, pottery, mixed media, textiles and much more.  Students also study the works and styles  of many artists while they are encouraged to develop their own artistic style through the process. 

6-8 Art

Students further develop their art skills in grades 6-8 by creating projects in a variety of styles and mediums.  Students create projects using watercolors, acrylic paints, pencil, ink, chalk and clay to explore different artistic styles and expressions.  Most projects are assigned to give the students the chance to explore their individual expression through the work of the project, but students also have the opportunity to design their own projects throughout the year.