Update on Women’s Bible Study Groups

There are some new groups being organized.  Please contact the leaders below if you are interested.

-Juanita Ebert will be meeting weekly on Wednesday mornings to discuss the readings for the next Sunday.  Contact her at jmebert20@gmail.com or call 643-4418.  

-Debbie Brutlag will meet every other Thursday evening. (debbie.brutlag@cune.edu)

-Betsy Werner will meet every Monday evening at 7pm – contact her at betsykwerner@gmail.com or call 402-641-9015

-Emily Nix and Megan Shrum are planning a study for young moms – details still to be worked out. Please let them know if you are interested!  mle.anderson@gmail.com.   OR     megan.shrum@cune.edu

Interest and leadership for an option to meet via ZOOM for those uncomfortable with meeting in groups at this time is also in process.  Stay tuned!

For any questions or ideas, also feel free to contact Sarah Matthias (yank1497@hotmail.com

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