Home Ministry Survey Results

The Home Ministry Team conducted a survey last February.  The Team thanks the 138 who completed and submitted the survey to help us better understand and celebrate what is currently done in homes and generate ways to nurture our faith in this context.
Here are some results that we’d like to share with you:

  • 138 responses received, among them: 40.6% married with children in the home, 29% married with children out of the home, 8% children (grade 9-12), 8% married, 8% single adult with children in/out of the home, and 6.5% single adult.
  • 98.6% responders are St. John Church Members; the rest are former members.
  • 97.8% responders have read all or parts of the Bible and feel they can speak about some passages confidently, compare passages, or lead a Bible Study.
  • 2.2% are new to the faith.

We celebrate and give thanks that

  • Prayer, Acts of Service, and Bible Study were the 3 highest listed as “Very Important.”
  • The top four role modeling activities were Strengthening and Modeling Your Own Faith, Encouragement of Individual Prayer by Children (tied), Having Meals Together, and Attending Church Services.
  • The top three actions taken to strengthen faith were Having Meals Together, Attend Worship Together (tied), and Prayer as a Household.
  • We received written responses to questions about:
    • additional activities that are done in the home to strengthen faith. The most common comments were about Relationships and Communications, Singing and Music, and Christian School.
    • current resources currently used to practice faith in the home were The Bible, Devotional Resources (printed or online), Prayer, and Music and Singing.

Additional resources for the team to generate and provide in support of faith in the home were; more Electronic and Hard Copy resources, Develop an Online Curriculum for Devotions and Bible Studies, and provide a Family Faith Manual with Suggestions for Practicing Faith at Home.

May our Lord grant us wisdom and vision as this information is applied to continue to formulate resources which best serve our homes in forming and living out faith together with family or friends.

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