Update on Reopening Worship

On Thursday, April 30, Governor Ricketts announced that places of worship could reopen for in-person worship beginning May 4.  This announcement has been received with great joy as we all long to be back together in the sanctuary though we continue to be “the Church” no matter if we are in the sanctuary or in our homes and apartments.

With this announcement comes the need for prudent discernment on how we reopen for the welfare of the whole congregation.  St. John congregation includes those who can come back into the sanctuary at this time and those who, due to being at-risk physically due to underlying health conditions and/or age, are asked not to return to in-person worship at this time.  Therefore, we need to be mindful of how worship is conducted so that both groups may be served well with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We currently have a Reopening Worship Task Force, comprised of the worship team, congregational officers, custodial and maintenance staff, and members of the Boards of Elders, Trustees, and Worship, working through the details of the Directed Health Measure and the necessary logistics that need to be considered for the reopening to take place.  They began their work on April 30. 

The Task Force will keep the congregation informed as to when the first in-person service(s) will be held.  Also, due to the guidelines in the Directed Health Measure, the task force will also provide a Returning to Worship Guide that will include important information such as: when worship services will be held, how services will be conducted, the number of worshipers that can attend a service due to social-distancing guidelines, how one will register to attend a service due to the limited seating capability, entering and exiting procedures, etc. 

With all of the logistics that need to be considered, the care that we desire to provide to our whole congregation, and due to the fact that the COVID-19 cases in Seward County continue to rise, in-person worship services will not resume at St. John for another few weeks.  The date is yet to be determined. 

In the meantime, we are blessed to gather as the Lord’s Church online each week on Sundays at 8:30am and Wednesdays at 6:30pm.  Please join us on the St. John Seward YouTube channel at those times or watch the services at times that fit into your schedule.  We would also ask that you keep the Reopening Worship Task Force in your prayers as they seek the Lord’s wisdom to reopen worship services for you and for the rest of the Body of Christ who call St. John their church home. 

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