Toddler Policies

Supervision: St. John Child Development Center is accredited through the National Association for the Education of Young Children and abides by the policy that toddlers are supervised by sight and sound at all times and are never left unattended.

Biting Policy: While we understand that this is an age when biting occurs, when a child is biting on a regular basis and other children are becoming endangered, a meeting between parent(s), teacher and director will be called.   The center’s biting policy contract will be reviewed, signed by parent(s), teacher and director, and strictly enforced to ensure the well being of all children under the center’s care.

Regarding Diapering: Please provide commercially available disposable diapers, wipes, and ointment if your child requires it. Please do not bring your child in a soiled diaper. Diapers are checked often throughout the day, at least every two hours and after naptime. Children on the changing station have a staff’s hand on them at all times, and the changing area is cleaned and sanitized after each child. Staff wash their hands after each changing, as do the children (it’s a good habit to begin!). Our diaper pail is newly lined at each changing and the contents are tied up and removed after each changing (individual or group). Please ask if you have any questions.