Dismissal, Emergencies & Closings


You will need to register your school age child for childcare on the days school is out or dismissed early.  Registration sheets are posted in the sign-in area for NO SCHOOL days when childcare will be provided.   Students signed up for care who do not attend will be charged for the day.*

Registration is required for summer care.


We seldom close, however, in the event the center must close due to inclement weather, an announcement will be carried over our website at www.stjohnseward.org/cdc .  Parents of ELEMENTARY SCHOOL CHILDREN should notify their school office if the child is to be released to the Child Development Center due to early dismissal. 

Families (of all age groups) will not be charged for childcare when the Center is open on ‘no school’ snow days as long as the Center is notified of the child’s absence by 9am.*

If your child is enrolled in morning preschool only:

There will be NO PRESCHOOL-ONLY when school is closed due to inclement weather or when schools have a late start.

Please use good judgement when the weather is poor.  It is not worth risking the safety of you or your child when the weather is bad.

The Child Development Center practices regular fire and tornado drills.  In the event of a real severe weather evacuation to the basement we strongly encourage parents who may be arriving at the Center to stay with their child in the basement until the warning has expired.

Should a disaster occur in which the emotional or physical safety of the children to remain on the premises is uncertain, parents or an authorized escort will be phoned to retrieve the child from our location immediately.  Therefore it is vital that parents are responsible in maintaining current resident, work and authorized escort names, addresses and phone numbers on file in the Child Development Office.


* Why is one way a charge and one way not a charge?  When families sign up that they need care on no-school days, we plan for staff accordingly ahead of time.  On snow days, we put staff on stand-by and bring them in as necessary.  We are trying to be wise stewards of our resources.