Local Agencies / Family Resources


Childcare Tuition Assistance (income based)– Health and Human Services 402-643-2669                                                       

Health Care coverage for children—KIDS Connection 1-877-632-5437

Vision Assessment 1-800-960-EYES (Free for 3 year olds 402-474-2242)

Free Immunization Clinic, Faith Lutheran Church–Every third Tuesday, 402-643-6116           

Blue Valley Mental Health Center  643-3343

Department of Health and Human Services 643-6614

Health Horizons Wellness Center 643-2888

Memorial Clinic  643-4800

Memorial Hospital  643-2971                       

Early Intervention (special needs)

Educational Service Unit #6 1-800-327-0091

Seward Public Schools, Connie Biaggio 402-643-2968


Region V Services 643-4406

Seward County CASA 643-3695

Seward County Extension Office 643-2981

The following is a list of agencies that might be of service to you. Please visit with our director if you have any questions.  

Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services

Four Corners Health Department

Seward County Family Services

Memorial Health Care Services & Opportunities

Children’s Behavioral Health

Nebraska Medicaid Program

Nebraska Financial Assistance

Nebraska Child Abuse and Neglect Central Register/Adult Abuse and Neglect Central Registry

Child Abuse and Neglect Hotline