Wellness Policy

(Please refer to your “Policy for Excluding Children”  registration booklet for specific listings of illnesses)

Click here for a brief video explaining our wellness policies.

St. John Child Development Center is not licensed to accept sick children.  Children who arrive at the center in ill health will be asked to return home.  Likewise, children who are not completely recovered from illness will not be admitted into the center unless a physician has furnished a note that the child is no longer contagious. 

We have the following steps in place to reduce exposure to illness: When children have any of the following symptoms, parents will be called to pick them up: 
* Vomiting * 3 loose bowel movements * Fever greater than 100 * an unexplained rash * an eye showing pink eye symptoms

Staff will tend to the child as necessary, and have them wait comfortably in the director’s office until picked up. Please note that children must be well for 24 hours before returning to the Center.

Children should stay home from school if they have any one or more of the following symptoms:

  • If they have a fever over 100.  A child may return when s/he has been fever free for 24 hours without the aid of medication.  Please do not temporarily mask the symptoms of illness by using a pain or fever reducer.
  • If they have been vomiting within the last 24 hours.
  • If they have had diarrhea within the last 24 hours.
  • If they have swollen or painful joints, or other injuries requiring further treatment.
  • If they have an unexplained rash – this requires a doctor’s note to return.
  • If they have a severe headache
  • They have symptoms of pink eye – this requires a doctor’s note to return to school.

Please give your sick child time to fully and comfortably recuperate at home. You can help prevent spreading illnesses by following these guidelines.

If your child requires medications while at school, a request to administer medication and a Competency Statement must be completed by the parent.  All medications must be labeled with your child’s name and in the original container.  Medications outdated, or left at the Center past the time of administering will be discarded. 

More detailed notes:

PLEASE UNDERSTAND THAT WE DO NOT HAVE MEDICAL DEGREES.  We are not able to diagnose – we can only notice suspicious symptoms.  Since we are in an environment where germs and viruses could spread like wildfire, we need all potentially contagious children to be checked by a physician. (Children will be made comfortable in the office until they can be picked up.)

For several of the following illnesses, we require a doctor’s note before your child’s return.  Thank you for understanding.

Pink eye – requires a doctor’s visit & note.  Eye is weepy, reddened, and often crusty.  Child may return after being on medication after 24 hours.

Impetigo – rash.  Contagious for 4-10 days.  Transmitted by direct contact with moist discharge from skin lesions.  Small red pimples which develop into blisters, then become encrusted – usually affect face, hands, neck and extremities, but with spread through scratching.  Contagious while lesions are draining.  Treatment: topical application of antibacterial ointment, frequent washing with soap and water and thorough drying.  May return after doctor’s visit (bring doctor’s note) and under treatment for 24 hours.

Chicken Pox – Contagious for 14 – 21 days, until last lesions have crusted.  Transmitted by contact with discharge from skin, nose or throat of infected person.  Small dark red pimples appear and within hours turn into blisters that look like drops of water on skin, which then scab.  New batches of pimples appear for 304 days.  May have fever or not.  Children who have had the vaccination may still contract chicken pox!  DO NOT USE ASPRIN PRODUCTS.  Child may return after no new lesions have appeared and all old lesions have crusted.

Ringworm – Transmitted by contact with lesions of infected persons or animals.  Circular lesions of skin, scalp, nails.  Slightly raised and red at the edge – whitish center.  Spreads outward on skin; scaly itchy.  Contagious while lesions are visible. May return after seen by a physician and under treatment (requires a doctor’s note).

Influenza – Transmitted by contact with discharge from nose or throat.  Chills, fever, cough, headache.  May return after symptoms are resolved – 24 hours after last symptom WITHOUT AID OF MEDICATION.

Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease – Transmitted by direct contact with nose and throat secretions (sneezing, coughing) or feces.  Lesions/open sores on cheeks, mouth, gums, tongue, palms, fingers and/or soles of feet.  May return after sores have healed, or a doctor’s note is brought.

Fifth Disease – Transmitted through infectious respiratory secretions.  Mild virus causing rash on cheeks that looks like a slapped face, often a lace-like rash on trunk/arms/legs.  Rash may fade and re-appear for 3 weeks or more.  When rash appears, the child has already passed the most contagious period, but we need a doctor’s note to verify if the child has had it.  Fifth disease can cause miscarriage in early pregnancy, so we need to put up a note to alert pregnant mothers.

Scabies – Transmitted through skin-to-skin contact with infected person.  Reddish, hard-to-see tracks on skin, intense itching.  Caused by a parasite mite that burrows under skin leaving eggs and feces in black-red bumps.  Requires doctor’s visit, doctor’s note, and may return after last course of treatment.  All bedding and clothing must be taken home to wash in hot, soapy water and dried in hot dryer.

Head Lice – Transmitted by direct contact with infected person or articles.  Nits (eggs) are oval and whitish in color, attached to the hair shaft close to scalp.  Intense itching.  May return after one full treatment with lice shampoo and nit-free.  All bedding and clothing must be taken home to wash in hot, soapy water and dried in hot dryer.

German Measles – Transmitted through contact with nasophayngeal secretions, blood, feces, urine of infected persons.  Headache, sore throat, fever, rash – pale pink at hairline and spreads downward – disappears in 1-5 days.  May return after doctor’s visit and 5 days after onset of rash.

Red Measles – Transmitted through contact with respiratory tract secretions or blood of infected persons.  Slow onset of cold symptoms – tearing, sneezing, light sensitivity.  Fever for 3-4 days.  Koplik spots (small red spots with blush0white centers in mout) appear 2-3 days prior to a dusy red rash appearing.   Rash tarts on the back of neck, forehead and spreads to extremitites.  May return after doctor’s visit and 4 days after rash appears.

Children who have been seen by a physician and are cleared to return to school may require medication to be given at school. That medication and any on-going medication should be signed in at the office and the dosage/time and a parent’s signature should be entered in our medication log. Please ask at the office for details.