Health Information

We take every precaution to make St. John Child Development Center a healthy, fun place for you and your child! Here are some highlights regarding our health policies. As always, please ask at the office if you have questions.

You can visit our Health and Safety page for additional information.

Health Records: Accurate health records including up-to-date immunizations need to be on file preferrably by your child’s first day, if not – by the end of their first week.  (The office will let you know if something is missing.) Your enrollment packet will have forms to tell us your emergency contact information and doctor/hospital/insurance information, as well as any special health needs your child may have.

Staff CPR/First Aid: Though licensing only requires one person on site to be trained in pediatric first aid and CPR, we strive to have all staff certified.

Outside Play: We go outside daily, with the exception of severe weather. (Visit our Outdoor Classroom page!) Please be sure your child comes equipped for outside play. Cold weather requires jackets/coats, mittens/gloves and hats. On snowy days, send in the boots and snow pants!  For summer play we take the precautions of sunscreen and water breaks. Our playground has many wonderfully shady areas to enjoy. We do not apply insect repellent. If you child needs it, please sign it in as medication.

Handwashing: Handwashing is a priority! Please have your child wash hands upon entering the CDC so we can begin fresh. You will see handwashing signs posted all over our building.

Medication: We have special procedures for administering medication that can be found in your parent handbook. Please note that we are not licensed to care for sick children, and refer to our Illness/Wellness Policy.

Food Safety: Our weekly menu is posted by our sign-in computer. We are part of the CACFP food program. We ensure food safety by providing a clean and sanitized preparation area. We rotate our food supply regularly and discard food with expired dates. (It usually never lasts that long!) Any special feeding needs will be taken into account. Please visit with our director.