Health and Safety of Children and Adults

We take steps to reduce occupational hazards such as infection diseases (please note that we will post when severe illnesses are occuring), injuries (safety first in all things), and environmental exposure (we keep a clean, fairly calm and quiet environment).

We require that all in attendance are healthy. Please visit our Illness Policy page for details.


We provide nutritious meals and snacks according to CACFP standards. Please view our menu by the sign-in computer.

Children do not need to bring food from home, unless medically prescribed.  Children who need to bring food from home should be sure items are labeled with their name and the date it was brought.

We will serve nutritious meals which meet USDA food guidelines to the children who are in attendance at the following times:

  • Breakfast:  7:05AM – 7:50AM
  • Lunch:  11:00AM-NOON
  • Snack:  3:00PM – 4:00PM

Families whose children would like to bring birthday or holiday treats to share with their classmates should consider healthy choices like whole fruits and packaged foods i.e. cheese sticks, muffins, ice cream cups or bars.

Remember!  We are a nut-free facility! 


Children nap in a clean, safe, quiet environment. Nap items are sent home weekly for laundering and cots are arranged so all children have at least 3 feet of distance from face-to-face.  Parents are asked not to drop off or pick up preschool children between noon and 3pm (during nap-time.)


Cleanliness at mealtime is a priority. Everyone entering the building should wash their hands upon arrival. Handwashing procedures are taught and signs are posted by every sink. Sanitation procedures are followed so that hands, tables, dishes and utensils are clean before use. Tables are cleaned and sanitized before and after meals. Good manners and friendly conversation are encouraged at the tables.

Our center is cleaned by a custodial service at the end of each day. Floors are vacuumed/mopped, bathrooms, drinking fountains and sinks are sanitized each evening. St. John trustee board and foundation board work in partnership with us to keep the building in good repair.

St. John Child Development Center maintains a NO SMOKING Policy inside the building at all times and on the grounds during operating hours.  Smoking in vehicles while on field trips is also prohibited.  Carrying and/or use of any firearms with your fingers is prohibited.

We are dedicated to keeping our facility free from hazards such as lead, asbestos, and air pollution. As Seward’s water quality can vary due to the amount of nitrates, we use a reverse osmosis system for all drinking water and mixed juices.


We are committed in maintaining our equipment so that all children will have a safe environment for learning and play.  Occasionally, however, equipment can be misused or mishandled.  Given the age differences among our children, the staff will use their best judgement in determining whether or not a child has deliberately marked, marred, or destroyed property belonging to the Child Development Center, or property of another person.  We reserve the right to collect damages in such cases.


Any suspicion of child abuse or neglect will be reported by SJCDC staff, in accordance with federal, state and local laws. Staff who report suspicions are immune from discharge, retaliation or other disciplinary action unless it is proven that the report is malicious. Should a staff person be accused of abuse or neglect of a child in the program, their rights as well as the rights of the child and family shall be protected by keeping all information confidential except for the relevant parties: staff person, director, family, law enforcement/legal counsel.


On your Child Information Card you will be asked to give us your hospital/clinic preference and Company Providing Health Coverage.  You will be asked to sign permission for St. John Child Development Center arrange for the emergency treatment/transport necessary to preserve the health of the child until such a time as a parent/guardian can be present.  (Please note the wording on your Child Information Card when enrolling.)

You will be notified immediately should your child sustain an injury that appears serious; such as a bump to the head or tooth, or a serious cut.  Normal scrapes and bruises will have an incident report written up for you.

Should your child have special needs in an emergency (allergies, seizures, etc.), please note on your Child Information Card and leave detailed instructions with staff.