“What might my child need a screening/outside assessment for?”

From time to time a child may show signs of needing special services specifically geared toward working with children’s physical, mental or behavioral development.  Our staff is competent in recognizing these areas of special need and will refer you and your child to professional agents trained to work with children in these areas.

At this age, we see many behaviors that are very common for young children, but occasionally (through observation, documentation and discussion with parents) we may come to the decision that an outside source would be helpful. Speech / vision / hearing / behavior / developmental skills – all are areas where if your child’s teacher feels that an expert would be helpful as part of our team, we will discuss with you.

Before it would be determined that your child would benefit from an outside assessment or screening, the following steps will have taken place:

* Documentation of the observed behavior – gathered over the course of several weeks – shared with you, the parent.
* Meeting to decide appropriate steps to take. We have wonderful people we can refer you to! This meeting will be confidential, limited to teacher, parents and director.

Once a referral has been given, some experts (speech, behavior) will contact your child’s teacher to fill out forms from the teacher’s perspective. These forms will be filled out in confidence and will only be viewed by the relevant parties.

Many of our referrals for speech, behavior and developmental delays go to Seward Public Schools, where their excellent team will gather information (confidentially) then set up a meeting between the team, parents, teachers and sometimes director – to go over the findings and arrange a plan.

Please visit with Mrs. Bimler if you have any questions.