School-Age Program – School Year

Our school-age program is a vital part of our ministry at St. John. We are blessed to be able to care for school-age children in a before-and-after school program. Melanie Suhr and our college aides are blessed with the talent and temperament to love and care for our K-6th grade children.

In the morning, Mr. Wesley and Mrs. Brady will be here to greet you. (Please walk your child down to the classroom.) Breakfast will be offered (included in the weekly fee) to children who arrive before 7:20. Our school bus arrives at 7:40/7:45 to take children to either St. John Lutheran or Seward Public.

After school, children will be transported by bus back to the CDC (see the details of the bus schedule at the start of the school year).  Once here, the older children have snack in Mrs. Suhr’s room, while the K-1 children have snack and free play in the 3’s preschool room. At 4:30 the groups combine for outside play and/or games/art/activities. Homework may be worked on while children are here, and staff can answer some questions, but to have proper supervision, we cannot offer one-to-one tutoring.

Fridays are Electronics Day, and children are welcome to bring their electronic devices, allowing time for interaction after the afternoon snack period.  Staff will monitor to make sure music/games are appropriately rated for the child’s age.