Every parent is proud of their child’s achievements, and it is our pleasure to share children’s progress at St. John Child Development Center with their families. There are multiple purposes and uses of assessment: It helps us get a great idea of your child’s interests and needs; plan improvements to our program and improve our teaching!

At our Open House before the start of school, each preschooler’s family will receive a packet of information that includes the Parent and Teacher Assessment Plan.  It asks you to take a look at goals and objectives and decide on some specific areas you would like us to focus on with your child, and also tell us their interests and needs.  This form, once returned, will be kept confidentially in your child’s portfolio* and referred to as teachers plan their lessons throughout the year.

Parent-Teacher conferences are held each Fall and Spring for Toddlers and Preschoolers. At the Fall Parent-Teacher Conference, we will review your child’s progress based on the Parent and Teacher Assessment Plan and decide if there are other areas you would like us to work on as well. At the Spring Parent-Teacher Conference we will review those goals a second time.  You will be provided with a written ‘snapshot’ of your child’s skills, as well as samples of their work.  We relish sharing the good work your child does!

We follow the Nebraska Early Learning Guidelines**, which wonderfully states that every young child is on a continuum of learning.  Some are early learners and some are late bloomers, and we aim to meet every child where they are and help them to develop in a way that is appropriate for them. We adapt our teaching to individual children’s needs. Click here for a short video that briefly explains the Nebraska Early Guidelines. We are also in the process of learning and adapting Teaching Strategies Gold for some of our record keeping.

Another way that assessment is conducted is by observing your child (and recording those observations) on an on-going basis.  Toddlers receive a daily note about meals, diapering, nap, and great things that happen during the day.  Preschoolers may have notes or photos of their children’s work sent home.  As always, we love to visit with you in person about your child. If you have any questions regarding assessment, we would love to visit with you!

Should it be determined that you child would benefit from a screening, we will be happy to help find the appropriate help, most often through Seward Public Schools. All records are kept confidential – only you, your child’s teacher and the director will have access to the results, as they will be kept in the office. Please ask if you have any concerns.  Please click here or here for more information.

In addition, we invite you to assess our work! Family Surveys will be offered throughout the year, and your input is important to us! If you have any questions about assessment, please visit with the director or your child’s teacher.

* Portfolios are kept in teacher files only accessible by lead teachers. Other paperwork (health forms, child/family information, registration information) is kept in files in the office.

**If you would like to view the Nebraska Early Learning Guidelines, please click HERE.