Arriving and Departing

“The Lord bless your coming in and your going out….” Psalm 121:8

Please hold your Toddler or Preschooler’s hand crossing the parking lot.

Nebraska law requires children up to age six to be restrained in a car seat.  Children ages 6-18 must use a safety belt.

You will receive the entrance code to the security door when you enroll. Please do not let children use the keypad.

Stop at the sign-in computer and enter your child’s code. We will gladly walk you through this process your first few days.

Please have your child wash their hands. If they haven’t gone to the bathroom at home, please have them visit the bathroom, as well. We want everyone to start the day healthy and comfortable!

All parents (even of school-age children) must walk their child to the classroom to exchange a greeting with the staff. We love to see you and say ‘Good Morning’!

Please remember to sign out your child each day.

Please walk to your child’s room and greet the staff person. This is especially important if the class is outside! We love to see your smiling face! We may not let children leave the room on their own to meet you.

If someone other than yourself will be picking up your child, please let us know earlier in the day. If it is their first time to pick up your child, even if they are on your authorized contact list, we will ask to see their photo ID. Please tell them that it is for your child’s safety.

CHILDREN WILL NOT BE RELEASED TO ANY PARENT, GUARDIAN, OR ESCORT WHO IS SUSPECTED TO BE UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF ALCOHOL OR DRUGS.  Once a parent has arrived at the Center to pick up their child, our liability for that child ends.

School-age children attending Seward Elementary or St. Vincent School will be bussed to and from school with Seward Public bus service. Please refer to your ‘Permission for Transportation’ form in your registration packet for information and expectations. St. John children will walk to and from school as a group/ in groups. Please visit with our director for further details.

Parents or children with disabilities, please visit with our director regarding any special needs you may have with our entry. We are happy to accomodate you!