School-Age Program – Summer Camp

Ms. Brand and the summer teachers have a busy program planned for the School-Age children!

(These are children who were in school the previous year. Children who have not yet attended kindergarten will be in our preschool program.)

Breakfast is served to children who arrive by 7:30am.  The day begins with some outside play, then devotions (staff-led or children-led) are held as a group. Then children may choose from several staff-led or self-guided activities during the morning, followed by some quiet reading time before lunch. After lunch there will be a group activity, often a field trip.

Field trips will be listed, as well as any additional costs. Examples of previous field trips include:

* Seward Memorial Pool
* Seward Public Library
* Outdoor excursions – Pioneers’ Park, local parks in Seward
* Rivoli Theater or Seward Bowl
* Walks to Dairy Queen
* Museums



6am – 7:30am
Quiet arrival time


8:00am – 9:00am
Outside Time

Opening Devotions

9:15am – 11am
Free Choice
Arts & Crafts, Board games, Manipulatives,
Creative Play
At 10am outside time is also a choice

Clean-up for lunch


11:45am – 1pm
Lunch and prepare for afternoon activity

1pm – 3/4 pm
See Activity Calendar

3:30pm – 4:30pm
Snack and indoor free choice

4:30pm – 6pm
Outside play is a choice

General Information: Children who have completed Kindergarten through the 6th grade will participate in all school age events.

Please take the time to read CAREFULLY through the attached general information packet. Included are several forms which need to be completed and returned:

___ Parent Field Trip Volunteer Form
___ Permission to Swim
___ Summer Safety Plan
___ Library Card Form

Memorial Day, mid June the staff  attends the CUNE ECE conference, July 4th, and in August for Staff In-Service and Workdays

We are planning to swim at the Dowding Pool from 1pm – 3pm, as scheduled on the summer calendar and weather permitting. We suggest that you purchase a season pass so that your child does not have to pay per trip. (We cannot purchase season passes, you must do this at the pool office.) Please complete and return the portion of this form which informs us as to the type of supervision your child will require while at the pool.

All children must bring a suit and towel in a watertight bag. Please mark your child’s name on the towel, suit and bag. (Staff will use a permanent marker to label any unmarked personal items brought to the Center.) It has been suggested that children wear water shoes (not flip-flops) to the pool so that street shoes do not get left behind.

Every year there are a few children who regularly ‘forget’ to bring a t-shirt or towel back to the Center from the pool. We cannot drive back to recover forgotten items. Staff are instructed to watch as each child loads in the van to be sure they have their towel. We will not be responsible for any other items taken to the pool. Consequently, we discourage parents giving permission to bring extra items.

We DO NOT provide transportation for CDC children to swimming lessons or sports camps. You may still sign up your child, but you will need to find transportation and inform us of the time your child will leave and arrive, and also who will be transporting them.

All field trips are listed on the activity calendar. Small groups within the city limits may be shuttled the centers vans. Parents who help chaperone will not have to pay their own admission fee. PLEASE NOTIFY US BY COMPLETING THE ATTACHED FORM IF YOU CAN HELP.

We walk to the bowling alley. BRING SOCKS FOR BOWLING!!

When a great movie comes to town we might go to a matinee. When a snack and movie day is held at the CDC, children may bring a snack and drink from home, but we will provide an afternoon snack at our regularly scheduled time.

We ask, however, that the snack brought from home be for THEMSELVES ONLY, please. We are a nut-free facility and need to adhere to the nutritional concerns & allergies of some of our students!

The children will use Seward Memorial Library this year. If you have not already done so, please obtain a library ID card for your child. Should your family be non-residents of Seward, please see Mrs. Aring for further instruction.
We will supply a book return box for books which will be returned on the following trip. On the last library trip of the summer, students will be able to check out books, however, it is the family’s responsibility to return those books checked out that day. All general library policies regarding overdue and lost books are the responsibility of the family to whom the book has been lent.

Summertime has its own wonderful opportunities for parents and children to celebrate the many ways God showers His blessings among His people.

School age parents have opportunities to come and play with us during field trips and on swim days.


Every day, 20 minutes before lunch.  Our School-Age Summer Staff will be offering a new approach to keep each child engaged in reading and writing throughout the summer months.

School-age breakfast will be served at 7:05am. If your child arrives after 7:45, please make sure you have fed him or her breakfast.

Breakfast, lunch and afternoon snacks are included in the childcare fees.

A couple of delicate/awkward issues come up every summer. We are quite sure however, that we are all “on the same page” with regard to these issues. So, here are a few things about each, so that we know we are reinforcing the same desirable behaviors as you do at home.

God’s Name is Holy
“You shall not misuse the name of the LORD your God, for the LORD will not hold anyone guiltless who misuses his name.” Exodus 20:7

Using God’s name in vain simply WILL NOT BE ALLOWED. It is surprising the number of girls and boys who so casually exclaim, “oh my g__”. We trust that appropriate language is what you expect, as well.

Warm weather, warm bodies, stinky armpits! Some of our children as early as 6 years of age need to begin using deodorant. It’s just like hand washing, you may need to do a “smell-check” for a while until using deodorant, like washing hands, becomes a habit. If you notice it first, you will spare your child of other children noticing it and possibly teasing, or avoiding, your child.

For Boys Especially
We must supervise toddler and preschool children at the bathrooms, but trust that the school-age children will use it appropriately on their own. The school-age boys MUST do a better job of “taking aim”. We often have puddles of urine on the floor after the “big boys” use the toilet, which is surprising. They also forget to wash their hands. Please help us by insisting on good bathroom habits.

Cute Isn’t Always Practical
Staying cool during hot summer days is something we all try to achieve, however, please follow a few PRACTICAL dressing tips…

Childcare centers simply AREN’T a good place to wear flip-flops. The
backs get stepped on and feet are at a higher risk for injury. PLEASE do not allow your child(ren) to leave the house wearing flip-flops.
Girls choosing to wear skirts MUST have shorts on underneath. Please be
sure your child is dressed in appropriate fitting clothing for active summer days!

Thank you for partnering with us to make this a rewarding and safe summer program for all involved!
Dear Parents,

Although our programs are open to everyone in our community, we stress that children consider it a privilege to attend St. John Child Development Center by showing respect for themselves, each other, staff, parents and equipment. We believe no other rule is necessary if children choose words and actions that are respectful. Willful misconduct and repeated disrespect will not be tolerated. Our goal is to provide a safe, Christian environment for all to enjoy.

Children and parent should expect our summer staff to communicate with them regularly each day. Open, honest and consistent communication is less likely to become uncomfortable when conversation regarding disciplinary action occurs. Consequently, what is expected at home and at the Center can be implemented effectively.

Should any child behave in such a way as to deny others the full benefit of a Christian, productive, cooperative, fear-free atmosphere, the child will be confronted concerning his/her behavior in the following way:
1st warning – verbal reminder
2nd warning – time-out or loss of a privilege
3rd warning – letter home

If your child should bring a letter home, please deal with the situation promptly and notify the staff that you have been made aware of the behavior and the consequence. It will be EXTREMELY helpful to stay in continuous communication.

Older children may be required to inform their parents of a consequence without an accompanying note home. In this case, the child will be instructed to have a parent notify the teacher that they have discussed the specific behavior which resulted in disciplinary action. Generally a Center privilege will be taken away from the child until parents have met with the teacher.

Summer staff have spent a great deal of time planning a wide variety of activities and events so that children of all ages have opportunities to make good choices and develop long-lasting friendships. You should expect that we are prepared on a daily basis and that staff will model fairness and respect toward the children.

Thank you in advance for offering your support and partnership in making the CDC a safe and secure environment for your child(ren) and our staff!

Summer Safety Plan
As we plan for a busy summer program, we need your help to be sure that we are safely prepared for time spent in the sun.
To encourage children to drink plenty of water, we would like all children to bring a water bottle labeled with your child’s name. We will take care of rinsing it throughout the week, but ask that you take it home each Friday to be washed thoroughly.

We will provide sunscreen for all children which is rated at least SPF 30 or higher.

The sun’s rays are most intense between 10am and 4pm. While most of our afternoon activities are indoors or in shady places, swimming is not, so we limit swim time to 1pm-3pm. We will follow the “Slip! Slop! Slap!” rule for spending time outdoors:
Slip on a shirt,
Slop on sunscreen
Slap on a hat and wrap on sunglasses.
Please bring a long-sleeved shirt, hat and sunglasses for outdoor outings.

Even with the best attention given to sun protection, each year we have a few children who turn bright pink in the early weeks of summer. Please be aware that we do our very best to apply sunscreen to the most exposed parts of the body. Sometimes patches get missed. Staff will offer to assist with sunscreen application, but many children prefer to do this themselves, and we must respect that. We encourage you to teach your children the importance of skin care during sunny summer months.

When recommended by public health officials, the Child Development Center will apply an insect repellant containing DEET on every child once a day. In addition, we will apply as needed for outdoor play and/or field trips.