Preschool Summer Information

Welcome to the preschool summer program! The following information is for both new and returning families. Children who have been in preschool the previous school year will continue in the preschool program through the summer, moving up to school-age care in August.

What to bring:
* For Naptime: A small blanket; a small pillow; a crib-sized fitted sheet. A nap bag will be provided and will be sent home weekly for the contents to be laundered.
* A complete change of clothes
* See special information for water play days.
* For sharing (if your child desires): A book or something from nature.

What NOT to bring:
Toys must stay home. We have had too much heartache over lost or broken toys or hurt feelings due to sharing issues. Thank you in advance!

What to wear:
* Shorts need to be worn under skirts. Criss-cross is hard to do and stay modest at the same time.
* Sandals with a strap around the heel but tennis shoes are always the best. This is to prevent the inevitable ‘flat tire’ that happens when running.
* Keeping a sweatshirt/long-sleeved shirt on your child’s hook is just a nice thing for when the air conditioner might be a bit cool.

* Start the day right and have your child go to the bathroom before coming to school.
* We will apply suncreen (that we will provide) before outdoor play. There will be a permission form for you to sign.
* PLENTY of drink breaks will take place during outside time. We play hard and need to re-hydrate!
* Please refer to our Wellness Policy should your child have symptoms of illness. We are not licensed to care for sick children, and we want to make sure everyone is as healthy as possible!

What will we do?
Our summer program is very like our school-year preschool program. We spend our days enjoying extra time outside in the morning (when the temps are cooler and we can extend outdoor learning), and our morning Inside Time is spent exploring our current Topic of Study.

Water Play 
Preschool children do not go along to the swimming pool with the big kids, but we do have some water play each week!  For morning and afternoon play we will have the sprinklers on and play! Please be sure your child has the following:
A swimsuit
A towel
CLOSED-TOE WATER SHOES. Not open-toed sandals, but either water shoes or even an old pair of tennis shoes will be fine.
A complete change of dry clothes (What you wear in the morning will be fine.)

* The school-age children go to the swimming pool often for recreational swimming. When children are signed up for swimming lessons at the pool, parents will need to provide transportation to and from the pool.

Please check your e-mail for updates and information, and don’t forget that you can get a daily peek at what we’re up to on our Facebook page!

Also, be sure to check out the Preschool Minutes page.