Please contact the office to inquire about enrollment. If a program is full, you can opt to be on the waiting list. Please note that putting your name on the waiting list is not like making a reservation: it does not guarantee a spot at a future date.

Parents will meet with the director prior to enrollment at which time school policies and procedures can be clarified.  More importantly, the director will emphasize the goals and philosophy of our Christian environment.  Each parent will receive a tour of the grounds and then meet with the prospective student’s primary care giver.  Parents will also be shown where to sign their child(ren) in and out daily.

There are several items which need to be completed prior to the child(ren) entering our licensed facility.  Enrollment is not considered completed without receipt of the registration fees and information detailed below:

1.  Child Information Card

2.  Signed parent contract

3.  Food Program Information Forms

4.  Immunization record

5.  Transportation permission slip

6.  Competency Statement to administer medication

7.  Spiritual Development Contract

8.  Two-adult Rule & Discipline Policy Forms

9.  Website photo permission form

It is the responsibility of the parent with whom the child resides, to keep the center informed about which parent has custody of the child and about any visitation restrictions of the non-custodial parent.  The center will make every effort to ensure that such visitation restrictions are carried out.  However, the center cannot accept responsibility for the child once s/he leaves the premises.

Fees will be collected when paperwork is due.

Please visit with the office if you need clarification.  (Mention if you would like something added to this page, as well.)

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