Christians and the Ice Bucket Challenge

Christians and the Ice Bucket ChallengeScreen Shot 2014-08-23 at 12.24.34 PM

PR here. I was challenged. I accepted. I was drenched by ice water (check the video on my YouTube channel: RevRatcliffe2PR). After the fact, I learned what was published in a recent LCMS article, which I encourage you to read. ALS is a terrible disease. I pray God continues to give us means by which to fight it. I am by no means opposed to that!

But the insight I appreciate, and why Christians perhaps should take a second look at the Ice Bucket Challenge, is its connection to funding Embryonic Stem Cell Research. If you’re not familiar with it, in it’s simplest terms, it involves the taking of a human life, even if that life is only a few weeks old. Scripturally, that is not something a Christian congregation can support or promote.

If you have accepted the Ice Bucket Challenge, thank you for your support in the fight against ALS. If you have yet to be challenged, consider drawing attention to this fact in your video, and consider supporting another organization that cherishes all life, such as the John Paul II Medical Research Institute, the ALS Therapy Development Institute, the Midwest Stem-Cell Therapy Center, or perhaps Lutherans For Life (though they’re not specifically an ALS research group). If you participated and this article has made you stop and think, I encourage you to now use your participation as a teaching moment to share how God, and all of us as God’s children, support life at all stages, including the unborn and newborn.