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You’ve reached a page full of a wealth of information!–or at least thoughts from PR, our Pastor for Christian Nurture. Parents, your role as leader and educator in the life of your child is super important and indispensible! Though the pastors, teachers, Cantor, Deaconess, principal, and everyone else from the family of faith at St. John will do all they can to share Christ with your child, nothing will replace the opportunity and abundance of time you have to impact him or her in regard to faith and in teaching of Jesus, the way to everlasting life. The articles below are intended to inform, aid, and guide you as you lead your children, instruct your children, and love your children with the unending love we ourselves have received from Jesus who died and rose for us! (Can’t find what you’re looking for, or have a question you’d like to share about a current article?–or even an idea for a future article! Email PR –

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