Memory Work–Why memorize something I could just look up? The point of memory isn’t simple recitation of a Bible or hymn verse. As teachers of the faith, we pray children and adults like would have the words of Scripture not only at their fingertips but on the tips of their tongues! Carrying around God’s Word in your heart and mind means you also carry around God’s promises at all times. You don’t have to wait till you turn to it in your “Faith-Alive” Bible or bring it up on your iPad or smart phone! And when you have God’s Word in both your heart and mind, it transforms. It transforms through the forgiveness in Jesus it gives. It transforms by changing hearts, attitudes and actions. It becomes part of you. So why memory work? Live in God’s Word, and through it Christ who is the Word lives in you! (thanks to Rev. David Peterson and his article Learning By Heart” in the Fall 2008 issue of Higher Things)

7th Grade

week 1- II Timothy 3:16-17

week 2 – Romans 1:16

week 3 – Matthew 28:19-20

week 4 – Mark 16:16

week 5 – Titus 3:5-8

week 6 – Romans 6:4

week 7 – All Christians Who Have Been Baptized, LSB #596, vs. 1 (fill in blank)

week 8 & 9 – A Mighty Fortress, LSB #656, vs. 1-2

week 10 – Lord’s Prayer Introduction

week 11 – 1st Petition of Lord’s Prayer (full meaning)

week 12 – 2nd & 3rd petitions, only the “how” section (fill in blank)

2nd Semester

Ephesians 2:8-9

All Christians Who Have Been Baptized, LSB #596, vs. 1-2 (fill in blank)

What is Confession?

I John 1:8-9

What is the Office of the Keys?