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Godparents is a Seward-wide program that most of the area high school youth are involved in at their respective home congregations. Our church is large enough that the Godparent program is a perfect fit for our ministry.

What is Godparents? Our 75+ youth meet in small groups each week–it’s difficult to get that many high school students together at All GP Night - duct tapeone time and in one place! Beginning in their freshmen year, high school youth are placed in a small group of 8-12 students with one couple from our congregation serving as their Godparent (or “Youth”) leaders. These students and their leaders walk with each other throughout all four years of high school. While some all-Godparent activities are scheduled throughout the year, their primary learning and growing opportunity come in the comfortable, confidential yet relaxed atmosphere of the small group. The curriculum used was created by Jonathan Lobmeyer, a former member at St. John and current DCE at Faith Lutheran Church in Naples, FL. Activities and studies are held from 7 – 8:30pm every Wednesday of the school year and facilitate the building of Christian friendships, growth in their understanding of Scripture and Jesus’ work for them, along with preparation to live as children of God following their high school years.