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St. John Spotlight: Bethany Werner 0

St. John Spotlight: Bethany Werner

Posted on Sep 3, 2014 in Blog

One day, her dad picked her and her siblings up from school and told them they had to go to the dentist. She was not happy, because the dentist sucks. (Like seriously) Soon enough they found out that they were not headed to the dentist, though. Actually, they were headedto the zoo for a surprise excursion. Her mom even met them there. Now, who is this mystery person? Well, it’s Bethany Werner, our new youth communications coordinator. It may be a mouthful, but it’s an important job. She’s in charge of this very blog, and helps PR by sending out emails, the family newsletter, and other things. She used to be a DCE (Director of Christian Education) in Louisville, Kentucky. It’s pronounced Lou-ul-vul by the locals. Yeah I know, crazy. Bethany suggests practicing with marbles in your mouth until you perfect your Kentucky accent. Bethany was born in Aberdeen, South Dakota, and grew up in Honey Creek, Iowa. She now lives in Lincoln, Nebraska with her husband Michael Werner, son of our very own Betsy Werner. Bethany is a cat lover, but unfortunately her husband is allergic, and doesn’t want to be near them. So, they don’t have any pets. On the more serious side of things, Bethany has a...

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St. John Spotlight: Paul Soulek 0

St. John Spotlight: Paul Soulek

Posted on May 15, 2014 in Blog

Who had twelve aquariums full of guppies? Who enjoyed fixing sewer problems when he was a kid? Who now has 18 tenants between all his rental properties? From being a dorky, only child to sharing God’s love through his service inside and outside of the church, this person has impacted lives in not only Seward, but the world. Well, obviously it’s Paul Soulek, but you may not call him that. Some of you know him as Mr. Soulek, others as Cantor, but overall he’s known as that crazy good organist who fills our church with wonderful music. So, what makes Cantor Soulek tick? Well, out of common knowledge, he’s a big fan of bananas. I remember he used to label his bananas for each church service (he may or may not still do that). He also relies on coffee each day and wet morning kisses from his puppy, Silas (be warned, Silas is scheduled to get a haircut sometime soon, so he may not look like the same shaggy dog we all know him as). Once again, the answer “there is no typical day” comes up in another interview. However, Paul spends his day working with people from a wide range of ages, and what he does with each...

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St. John Spotlight: Pastor Bruick 0

St. John Spotlight: Pastor Bruick

Posted on Feb 28, 2014 in Blog

Now that you’ve imagined a dorky, quiet, reserved and uncool kid who turned out to be Pastor Ratcliffe (missed that interview?? Read it here!), you will have to imagine a chubby and fun kid who picked on his younger sister a little too much. Now, imagine he was called the Pillsbury Doughboy, and lived in a family with six kids, and was the fourth child.  And, perhaps you didn’t know that this pastor is still paying for a term paper that he had a friend to type out for him when he was a student at Concordia University—Nebraska . . . back in the days when you wrote out a paper by hand and then paid someone to type it . . . or in this case, asked her to marry you. Well, did you guess who it was? If you guessed Pastor Bruick, you’d be right. Pastor Bruick has always had God in his life. Through all of his life he has gone to church, and when he was younger he was even in the church youth group (which is where he met his wife). It seems to make sense that he would become a Pastor. However, Pastor Scott Dennis Bruick was actually never going to become a...

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