It’s May and that means moving time for many people, including myself. I am currently working on packing up here at Valpo, and by the time this is posted I will be back in Seward! I look forward to seeing all of my Nebraska friends and family very soon! While packing here in my cramped dorm room, I am reminded about how tiny our lives are. My eight months here in Valpo is currently being condensed down into one carload of clothes, books, shoes, and anything else a college student could need. My entire life fits into just a few small boxes. That’s a shocking thought to me as I sit here on my now-bare mattress.

A few boxes contain my life – and what is actually in them? Not very much to be honest. Sure, there are lots of things in them. Coats, blankets, utensils, paper, and miscellaneous objects fill them to the brim. Is that my life though? Am I as insignificant as these few boxes crammed full of common objects that everyone has? No, absolutely not! Both you and me are unique individuals and who we are can never be contained in boxes. Boxes can only contain material objects; they cannot hold memories, dreams, wishes, disappointments, emotions, or faith. The thing that truly defines our past, experience, is not limited to the dimensions of a box. Neither are the desires of our future subject to what a moving truck can transport.

But even if all of these things are tied up into objects for you, I still believe that faith can never be removed from a person and placed into a box. A person defines what faith is. It can be as small as a mustard seed or as large as a mountain, but faith remains inside of each of us no matter its size. We believe that Christ lives within us, not in any cardboard box or any other material object. He is directly tied to us through His death and resurrection and that is something that we can never remove from our lives.

Therefore, I pray as you go about your day, that you remember that Christ is within you, and that your faith is living and active within you. Live out that faith daily and don’t try to hide it away in a box. Boxes limit us to what we know, see, and measure, but faith is believing what we cannot see or hold or touch. It is intangible, yet integral to our daily lives as Christians. May you live that faith for those around you to witness, and may you remember that your life is larger than the boxes.



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Lutheran Leader, SALTer, and Met Major at Valparaiso University. Proud to be a Fox and Bluejay. Bringing a little of the Big Red to Indiana. Freed through Christ - Romans 5:8

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  1. Great article Zach. Seems like yesterday that you were a very cute “little boy” in Munster. You have become a wonderful person, and oh yes, still “cute”. May God continue to Bless you and your family.

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