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Stellar Kart returns after three years with a new album, record label, and renewed sense of purpose and passion for sharing their faith through music. All In is a pop-punk record that is both upbeat and heartfelt. This album shows new depth and growth lyrically and musically, while also being the fun band that we all have come to know and love since it’s first release in 2003. Says lead singer/guitarist Adam Agee, “So much of this album is about not wasting the time we’ve been given. I hope these songs are anthems for people to live that out.”

All In is one of my favorite Christian albums released within the last two years. Stellar Kart released this album on August 27th 2013. This is sort of a late album review, but I think this is an album that every Christian should give a listen to. The album shows many different emotions about being a Christian, from not denying your faith to denying the devil everyday of our lives. The track listing is on the short side (Sadly). All In has ten songs on the album and they are as follows.

  1. Criminal And Kings
  2. All In (Apologize)
  3. My Surrender
  4. Never Left Your Side
  5. Hollywood Reality
  6. Just Like You
  7. Time’s Not Waiting
  8. Before And After
  9. Nowhere To Go But Up
  10. Ones And Zeroes

All of the songs on the album are very good. They are all put together well and lyrically are perfect. As with most Christian bands, it comes down to how you connect with the lyrics to determine which songs will be your favorite. Personally a few that I am going to talk about are All In, which is the title song for the album, Just Like You, Nowhere To Go But Up, and also Never Left Your Side. These four songs are the strongest faith songs on the album, in my opinion, and are all very touching and strong emotionally.

All In is one of the more relaxed songs on the album. It is a song about being All In, in your faith. It’s about not being afraid of who we are as Christians, and how sometimes it’s a good thing to stand out. The lyrics showcase this from the very beginning saying, “It’s easier to be the crowd and not stand out at all, to make a case for apathy and never risk a thing in case you fall.” Eventually we all are around surrounded by individuals who think what we believe as Christians is silly, and we can’t be ashamed of what we believe. As the lyrics say “I am not ashamed wont walk away, not trying to disguise or ever hide the reason that I choose to be a fool for the one who saved my life, I wont apologize.” This song hits home because sometimes we are criticized for being Christians, but we can’t let that get to us as we have to stay all in. Just like Jesus paid the ultimate price being all in for us and dying on the cross, we need to be all in our faith. We shouldn’t live half way, but instead be devoted to living our life to the glory of the One who saved us.

Just Like You starts off with a relaxing piano and drum beat. This song is one that we as Christians honestly don’t want to have to hear. This song is about how we as Christians always seem to fail, and when we do fail we make up every little excuse as to why we failed, “ I can always justify every little compromise.” We are blessed enough to have the never ending grace of God’s love to save us. As the lyrics say, “It’s just like you, to always be faithful when I can be hateful and cruel, it’s just like you to only keep loving me, you wont give up if I do, when I’m a traitor, a faker, a doubter, a failure, you remain s true, it’s just like you.” This chorus is kind of a loving harsh one, as we all go through doubts, sin, faking, all of this that is mentioned. However we have a wonderful God that will NEVER give up on us, no matter what we do. I can’t think of anything better I want to hear than that message.

Nowhere to Go But Up is one of the “punky” songs on the album, which isn’t a bad thing for the message this song brings.  “It’s time we realize we are going down” This song brings a message that we can never be full in our lives without God, which is very true. We have to realize that time and time again we will fail to be perfect. However, when we hit the bottom we have nowhere to go but up and that a perfect place to start because God will always reach out his hand to save you from the bottom.

Never Left Your Side is a song with a similar message of falling into sin. It reminds us that as children of God He wont leave our side. Even though we will sin that does not mean we are giving up on God in anyway, shape, or form. Never Left your side is a song filled with catchy guitar and a slow but very enjoyable pace.

I highly recommend going and checking out this album. It’s in my top five favorite albums for sure and easily gets a 10/10 from me. Every song is catchy and only takes one listen to start singing along to. Stellar Kart came back in a big way with All In and I can’t wait to see how the follow this one up!


Now for a few extras:

  • Stellar Kart Also released a Frozen EP, which includes covers of songs from Frozen, catchy go check that out as well!
  • Also Unscene Patrol dropped a new single on Wednesday last week called “We Are More”
  • Remedy Drive will be playing in York in June, more information will be released in the coming weeks.
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