Technology vs. Faith

Mass media has become a part of our daily lives. We are constantly checking our phones for texts and calls, we watch television for news and entertainment, and we worship and bow down to our status on social media sites. Is all of this technology hindering our faith lives? This is an important question to ask yourself while using all of these things. Is the technology you’re using a positive influence in your faith walk? There are helpful websites that will help keep you on track, but there are many, many more that are a negative influence.

As many times a day as we use technology, most of them are not to worship. Sometimes, the things we post online aren’t all that God-like either. Ephesians 4:29 says: Ephesians429

This plays into context with what we post online because it means that we should only speak in ways of building up and to give people grace. I see people saying rude things to others quite a bit on the internet and this verse says to do the opposite. To portray the Godly image He wants us to, we should not bash people, but only speak well of them.

I know that if I had the choice, I would much rather stay in bed all day than go to school or be active in society. Technology relates to our faith life in a similar way… the time we spend on technology dwindles away the time we could be practicing discipleship and preaching His word to others. As Luke said ever-so blatantly in Acts 2:40, “Save yourselves from this crooked generation.” I’m not saying this meaning that if we spend time on the internet or watching television we’re not doing what God wants us to do. Our actions only fall under those lines if we spend too much time on those devices and don’t use them for the best purposes.

There are many ways we can use technology to praise our Lord. There are plenty of apps and websites that have daily verses to read. Simply reading some scripture each day helps improve your faith. You can also listen to Christian music using technology. There are a few great Christian artists to give a try on kthorburn’s posts here on the blog. Listening to Christian music is a great way to use technology in a positive way. One last way to positively use technology is to post bible verses. Posting verses or even lyrics to uplifting spiritual songs is a great way to get The Word out into the media.

There are many pros and cons to the use media and technology. We can place it at a higher standard and “worship” it, rather than spending that time to improve our faith; or we can use to our advantage and preach The Word and share His Grace. Since we all use technology, we should try to not let it hinder our connection to God, but strengthen it and not place it at a higher standard than Him.


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I'm Allie Kadavy. I'm a junior at Seward High. I've been a Christian all my life, but my faith was strengthened a lot in middle school when I finally realized how much God could help me when I truly needed it.

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