Rachel’s Challenge

Most of you as students at Seward High School were able to attend a unique presentation called Rachel’s Challenge. While not specifically a “religious” presentation, there was a great message for us all to walk away with. Can you name the 5 challenges? May God give you the strength to put them into practice in your life and start a positive “chain reaction” of JOY that Rachel Joy Scott sought to instill in others.

If you haven’t checked out the website there are some great resources available for you. Have you experienced bullying or thoughts of suicide? Have you witnessed bullying or do you know someone who has threatened suicide? View the Help For Students section on the Rachel’s Challenge website for some great resources to address those concerns. Don’t forget, you can also approach your parents and be honest with them. They care! Pastors Bruick and Ratcliffe also are ALWAYS available if you need to talk. Christ has defeated all of our fears and we are always ready to share the strength and love of Jesus with you!