Information on Religious Freedom

  • Hopefully you’ve either read or heard us speak about the Lutheran Hour Ministries segment entitled “Intersection of Church and State” that aired Sunday, September 30th on the FOX Business Channel. If you were unable to view the program, it is something you will not want to miss!  Go to the Intersection of Church and State website where you can learn about downloading the entire program or view it via online streaming. Also, on the homepage itself you can purchase a DVD of the program as well as a free booklet of the U.S. Constitution.
  • In addition, the LCMS has launched a series of informative articles on religious freedom through an endeavor called Free to be Faithful.
  • You may want to check out the section on “Other Articles” among others.
  • If you have not yet seen it, we cannot recommend enough that you watch LCMS President, Rev. Matthew Harrison, speak before the House Committee on Oversight and Government from February 16th. This video is available on the LCMS website.