November 9th, 2010 Meeting Results

11.9.10 St John Lutheran Congregational Input Meeting

The Object of this exercise was to identify the issues deemed critical to the success of the project.  Participants were asked to respond to the following statement:

Project yourself ahead in time, the project has been completed and we are gathered one year after the dedication to discuss the project.  The topic on the table is:

One of the things that made this project a success is _________________________________________.

After reviewing the list of issues generated, each participant was given six dots to place next to the issues they deemed most important.  The results were as follows:

# of Dots                     Success Issues

13                                 Respectful to Existing Design/ Sensitivity to the Sanctuary Design

11                                 Better Designed Welcome Center/ Welcome Amenities in the Narthex/ Enlarge         Narthex

10                                 New Gym

10                                 Wise Use of Existing Space

08                                 Balance Financial Needs Staffing & Facilities/ Paid For

07                                 Accessible Restrooms & Family Restrooms

05                                 Classroom Upgrades

04                                 Improved Sanctuary Lighting

04                                 Mindful of Church Goals in Design

04                                 Modern Sanctuary Audio/ Visual

04                                 Same Campus/ CDC on Main Campus

03                                 1929 Building Replacement

03                                 Expanded & Consolidated Storage

03                                 Improved Drop-off & Pick-up of School Kids

03                                 More Adult Meeting Rooms

03                                 We got Along/ Work Together

02                                 Better Building Zoning Church/ School

02                                 Better Exterior Lighting

02                                 Expanded Balcony

02                                 Shared Space with Concordia

02                                 Young Families Involved

02                                 Youth Space near Gym

01                                 Church Presence Plus Location on HWY 34

01                                 Energy Efficient/ Better HVAC/ Adequate Ventilation

01                                 Expanded Parking

01                                 Fundraising is Creative

01                                 Improved Church Office

01                                 Larger Nursery & Same Floor as Church

01                                 Short Walk from Entrance to Elevator & Nave

00                                 Better Access to Balcony

00                                 Better Pantry Access

00                                 Better School Security

00                                 Good Signage

00                                 Improved Custodial

00                                 Improved Playground

00                                 Improved Storage for Liturgical Artifacts

00                                 Long Range Planning

00                                 More Space