November 16th, 2010 Meeting Results

11.16.10 St John Lutheran Congregational Input Meeting

The Object of this exercise was to identify the issues deemed critical to the success of the project.  Participants were asked to respond to the following statement:

Project yourself ahead in time, the project has been completed and we are gathered one year after the dedication to discuss the project.  The topic on the table is:

One of the things that made this project a success is _________________________________________.

After reviewing the list of issues generated, each participant was given six dots to place next to the issues they deemed most important.  The results were as follows:

# of Dots                      Success Issues

14                                 Inviting Narthex (Larger)

12                                 Community Friendly- Approachable

11                                 Mission Focus not Buildings

10                                 Be Unique/ Don’t Duplicate/ Invest Wisely

10                                 Connected CDC/ One Campus

09                                 Family Bathroom

09                                 Small Chapel/ Worship Setting

06                                 Bathroom Facilities for School/ Church

06                                 HVAC Efficiency

06                                 Volunteer Ministries Now Plus Growth

04                                 ADA Entire Building

04                                 Congregation Support/ Paid Off

04                                 New School Accessibility of Gym

04                                 Upgrade IT/ Electrical

03                                 A/V Retractable Screen (Sanctuary)

03                                 CDC Cohesive Flow

03                                 Ministry Offices Expansion

02                                 ADA Restrooms

02                                 Cohesive Vision

02                                 FLC- Larger, ADA, Gym, Drama, Youth, Etc.

02                                 Joy at Dedication

02                                 Larger Balcony

02                                 Paved Parking

02                                 Strengthen Ministry

02                                 Youth Space

01                                 Coffee Bar in Narthex

01                                 Visions of Growth

01                                 Warm Environment

00                                 21st Century Vision

00                                 Bigger Gym

00                                 CDC Competition is on the Way/ 68 Now = Full

00                                 Chancel Expansion

00                                 FLC Plus Rock Church

00                                 FLC- Wellness/ St John & Community

00                                 Hand Quilting Home Base

00                                 Narthex Soundproofing

00                                 New Sign

00                                 Paid For/ Debt

00                                 Respect VS. Ownership