November 14th, 2010 Meeting Results

11.14.10 St John Lutheran Congregational Input Meeting

The Object of this exercise was to identify the issues deemed critical to the success of the project.  Participants were asked to respond to the following statement:

Project yourself ahead in time, the project has been completed and we are gathered one year after the dedication to discuss the project.  The topic on the table is:

One of the things that made this project a success is _________________________________________.

After reviewing the list of issues generated, each participant was given six dots to place next to the issues they deemed most important.  The results were as follows:

# of Dots                      Success Issues

22                                 Larger Narthex

21                                 CDC on Campus

12                                 Family Life Facility

12                                 Improved Music Space

11                                 Renovate Restrooms

09                                 Replace 1929 Building with Modern Classrooms

09                                 Technology in Learning Spaces

08                                 Elevator to Balcony

07                                 Accessible Nursery for Families

07                                 Multi-Use Space

07                                 Paved Parking Lots

06                                 Handicap Accessibility

06                                 School Band Rehearsal Space

05                                 Better Lighting

05                                 Comprehensive Plan Tied to Mission

05                                 Welcoming

04                                 Adequate Financial Planning

04                                 Escalator + Stairs on West Entrance

04                                 Fellowship Hall Kitchen Improvements

04                                 No Debt

04                                 Outreach to Community & Shut-ins

03                                 Improved Playground Safety

03                                 More Storage Space

03                                 Safer Facilities for Children

03                                 Sustainable Design

02                                 Community Gathering Center to Entice Concordia Students

02                                 Community Use

02                                 Improved Building Sign

02                                 No Maze, Efficient Traffic Control

02                                 Positive Attitude

02                                 Unify Congregation

01                                 Better Site Safety

01                                 Drop-off & Pick-up Lane on Columbia

01                                 Flexibility

01                                 Know End before Means

01                                 Needs were Real and not Manufactured

01                                 New Facilities for Youth

01                                 Service Connection to Nursery

01                                 Welcoming to Young Families

01                                 Will of the People Not Just a Few

# of Dots                      Success Issues

01                                 Young Adults Connection

00                                 Careful Planning

00                                 Improved Infrastructure

00                                 Landscape Plan

00                                 Local Work Preference

00                                 Ministry Unity

00                                 Storage for Shared Spaces