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Outlined below and over to the right, you will note the policies and procedures that are in place to make this a center that is safe and secure for you and your child(ren).  We encourage you to click, read and ask questions if you have them!

We are here to be a partner with you in your child’s well-being and education! 


Daily Absences

All families are required to pay for a full week of care.  Requests for part-time enrollment will be permitted only as it can be balanced with other part-time requests.

Each family must at the time of enrollment and re-enrollment, contract for the number of days each week their child(ren) will attend the Center and commit to paying the scheduled rate. All families are required to report any absence by 9am each day so that we may offer St. John kitchen an accurate count for meal totals.

Families will not be charged for childcare when the Center is open on ‘no school’ snow days as long as the Center is notified of the child’s absence by 9am. (Families with school age children will be charged their regular fee for care when their child is NOT present on the morning of a “late start” day of school)

Extended Absences – Maternity

The holding fee for families who temporarily withdraw their child from the Center while mother is on maternity leave is $50.00 per week per child for up to four weeks.  After that, the contracted rate will apply. 

Summer Childcare Vacation Days

Families will be asked to register for vacation days during summer childcare.  For children attending 5 days a week – up to 5 free days of vacation per family will be granted.  For children attending 3 days a week – up to 3 free days of vacation per family will be granted.  For children attending 2 days a week – up to 2 free days per family will be granted.

No School Days for School Age Program

Families with school age children will not be charged on NO SCHOOL days if they have not registered for full day childcare that day.  However, if a child is registered for care on a NO SCHOOL day, and does not attend, the account will be charged the full day rate.

Please see our On-Line Handbook tab and/or Policies tab located on our website’s Home Page for more information.