Meet the Staff


Our staff consists of a director who is responsible to the St. John Child Development Center Board and whose job it is to carry out all policies set by that Board.  She also oversees all teachers, aides and childcare workers to ensure continually appropriate Christian curriculum and interaction with the children.

The staff has impressed upon the Board their desire to carry out our Lord’s plan for Christian nurturing. They are also dedicated to providing love and direction for the children.

TEACHERS are required to have education or experience in Early Childhood Education. They are also required to continue in their educational training.

AIDES AND CHILDCARE PROVIDERS are required to have verifiable previous experience with their age group and be actively involved in continuing education.

VOLUNTEERS (aides and observers) One of the exciting things available to the Child Development Center is assistance from university students in our programs. Each year assignments are made for student teachers, teacher aides and observers to help teachers and to observe individual children. Children enrolled at St. John Child Development Center participate in the student aiding and observing experiences.

We are required to maintain a staff member certified in CPR in each classroom at all times.

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    • Christine Bauer – Toddler Teacher
    • Alli Troester – Toddler Teacher
    • Gretchen Pollak – Transitional Toddlers Teacher
    • Jade Gray – Transitional Toddler Aide
    • Emilie Freiberg – Transitional Toddler Aide
    • Kelsey Sayer – 3’s Preschool Teacher
    • Michelle (Shelly) Kapperman – 3’s Preschool Aide
    • Sandy Pomerenke – 4’s & 5’s Preschool Teacher
    • Cindy Voehl – 4’s & 5’s Preschool Aide/ K-1 Coordinator
    • Lauren Sommerer – Assistant Director/ 4’s & 5’s Preschool Teacher
    • Kate Brady – 4’s & 5’s Preschool Aide
    • Rachel Beck – School Age (2-6) Coordinator
    • Michelle McMann – Cook
    • Lisa Aring – Director
    • Kari Huntington – Secretary


Want to get to know our college staff a little better? Click the names below!