Grandparents’ Tea Information

Grandparents’ Tea is an evening event held in September that is for grandparents and their preschool child. (Sorry, Mom and Dad – this is a special event!) If a grandparent cannot come, and older friend could substitute, but please know that this event is not mandatory.

The Tea begins at 7:00, but the front doors will not be unlocked until 5 minutes before. (Staff is busy getting the rooms set up.) if you come in a little later, that is perfectly fine.

Our ‘schedule’ is very relaxed – a few songs, a little craft, a little snack, and – weather permitting – a little outside time on the playground. It is a very relaxed, special time. We are usually done within 45 minutes to an hour so little ones can be back home to get ready for bed.

Any questions? Please visit with your child’s preschool teacher.

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