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What’s going on with the construction at St. John?

We have raised sufficient funds “For the Coming Generations” to begin construction on the first two phases of St. John’s master plan.  Phases 1 and 2 include remodeling the narthex and music room, adding handicapped accessible restrooms on the main floor, installing fire suppression in the church and school, paving the west gravel lot, and more. For more detailed information about current construction, check the campaign Calendar of Events.  The narthex and sanctuary will be completely closed to the congregation while renovations are underway; for safety reasons it’s very important that everyone stay out of restricted areas. Thanks for your patience during this exciting time!


What is “For the Coming Generations”?

“For the Coming Generations” is a three-year capital campaign upon which the St. John congregation has embarked.  The goal of this campaign is to raise financial support above and beyond our regular offerings in the amount of $3,500,000 in order to complete phases 1–3 of St. John’s master plan.  These projects are being addressed so that we may be good stewards of the facilities with which we have been blessed and in order to tell the coming generations of our God so that they, too, will place their hope in Him.


What’s happening with the St. John Child Development Center (CDC)?

Phase 3 is a new Child Development Center.  Here is a link to the Phase 3 Information Page:  http://stjohnseward.org/cdc/about-2/new-building-questions/


What about phases 4-6 of the master plan?

It is our prayer that God would move His people to give “For the Coming Generations” beyond the amount required to complete construction on phases 1-3.  Gifts beyond that amount could be used for unforeseen expenses, maintenance of our new and updated structures, or even as a kick start for future renovations and construction for St. John School.  No time frame has yet been set for these phases, but we pray for God’s blessings and guidance as we plan for the future.


How can I give to the “For the Coming Generations” Capital Campaign?

Commitment cards and gift envelopes are available at the church office.  Members can use their regular offering envelopes and mark the campaign amount on the front.  Thank you for your gifts “For the Coming Generations”!


Where do I go with questions about my commitment to the campaign?

Contact St. John Church Membership Data Administrator Brenda Rief at 402-643-6215 or Brenda.Rief@stjohnseward.org.


What if I have other questions about the campaign?

Please direct any other questions to the Campaign Directors:

Bill Preuss – Bill.Preuss@cune.edu

Judy Preuss – Judy.Preuss@cune.edu

Mark Kolterman – mkolterman@windstream.net

Brady Johnson – bajjohnson@windstream.net

Jill Johnson – jj0204@windstream.net